Option trading account india best margins

Can you provide the calculation or alternative for the same!! I want to short the same now. I paid big exercise brokerage for BankNifty index options. Than no profit no loss.

The brokerage rate is lesser as compare to the other two plan. Through your articles i do understand that spread over entries will not get displayed in general order book and we can check our entries in spread order report. Q4 How much time is given before the position gets squared off due to margin call?

You will not be able to trade equity — either intraday or delivery. If option trading account india best margins starts working, traders will become puppets to the adviser. NIFTY is cash settled and European index so why margin is blocked for each side of short leg when only one condition can be true at expiry. Which strike prices you use is your prerogative, It is completely upto you if you want the difference to be the same or different.

Also all options in India today are european, what this means is that the buyer can exercise this option trading account india best margins only on the last day of expiry. Yes Bonds are already available on the trading platform, you can search for the one you are looking for. There is nothing like a trigger price is decided in advance. Thanks for the reply…One case study i am indicating. The main objective of call option is the obligation to buy the specified lot at a specific strike price on the expiry date na?!

Give it a few more days, we will be putting up a process for this, till now people have transferred in, no one has withdrawn. If option goes in your favor, margin reduces. You need not square it off at 0. If it goes in favor of you, lesser margin is blocked at the end of the day.

This again will hurt your strategy. This month only i started trading in option i got it what is call and put but i want to know about short selling of call. If you sell and buy, you are out of the trade, so you will not have anything to hold overnight. A trading account is used to option trading account india best margins buy or sell orders in the stock market. The instrinsic value is determined by the underlying eg.

Since no position is carried forward overnight, the margin requirement option trading account india best margins trading is far less than other types of margins such as the ones used for delivery of the contract. You have a bearish view of the market and Nifty is presently at In order to get it clarified Yesterday 3rd november i called zerodha customer care, it kept on ringing, nobody to answer. I want to short the same now.