Stockpair binary options managed account

With stock pair trading, investors can now trade stocks in a way that is along the same line currency pair trading. Although, it does sound complicated, in essence, all the investor needs to know is background information about the stocks that are being paired up. And like in Forex, investors just need to bet on the stock he or she thinks will be the winner. Established in Ireland inthe trading platform Stockpair.

The trading platform thrives on simplicity and avoids all the complicated financial jargons which we normally find brokers uses. In addition, the trading platform is web based allowing investors the flexibility to trade from anywhere around the globe. This can be a day, a week or even a month. In contrast to fixed pair options, the relative performance of the floating pair stocks are measured from the start of this predefined period and not from the start of the trade like fixed pair options.

As such, they offer their clients four 4 different account plans:. Each type of account has its own minimum deposit requirement and benefits conferred with VIP trading accounts having the most benefits and highest minimum deposit requirement. One good thing about the account plans is the fact that you will automatically get upgraded once you reached the minimum deposit requirements.

The payout for the trades depends on the type of options that the investor is buying. For the deposits of trading funds, there are several options available for stockpair. Wire transfer is also available. As for withdrawal of funds, this normally done through the same way that the funds are deposited. Processing of withdrawals is said to take 2 business days although it can be faster. The actual time will depend on the payment processor used by the client.

As a broker who has been around for while, this recent market innovation of theirs is certainly worth checking out. Average Rating View ratings. Ease of Access Fixed and Floating Pairs There are two types of pair options which investors can trade in: Types of trading accounts offered Stockpair. As such, they offer their clients four 4 different account plans: The Payout The payout for the trades depends on the type of options that the investor is buying.

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Furthermore, the employee exercises options in Year 3 upon full vesting of options at the end of Year 2.